The Smithtown Town Board should play a vital role in the revitalization of Kings Park. The Board should work closely with the Chamber of Commerce, KPNA, and the other civic associations to build upon the recent improvements in our town.

Most of the buildings on the east end of town have been, or are being renovated. The stores east of Carlson Avenue (on the south side) have been refurbished, and new signs will soon be added. Facades and awnings should be improved in some areas, particularly on the north side approaching Church Street. I would be in favor of tax credits or abatements to landlords who improve their holdings.

We should consider the possibility of creating a welcome/cultural center near the center of town. An ideal location might be the vacant property on Church Street and Main Street. Such a center would draw visitors to our town, if it is well thought out. Here again reasonable government subsidy should be considered.

Parking is a problem in town. More visible Municipal Parking signs would help, but the areas in the rear of the stores must be upgraded.

All ideas for improvement of the downtown Kings Park area should be listened to and carefully considered by the Town government.