It is incumbent upon the Town Board to make economic development and downtown revitalization a priority of this Township. In my opinion, town government should promote and assist in the creation of an atmosphere conducive to promoting local businesses. As part of an overall master plan, the Town should implement a comprehensive economic development plan to include Kings Park and the other hamlets of the Township.

Specifically, I would support and assist in implementing the formation of a Business Improvement District in Kings Park. New York State General Municipal Law Article 19-A permits towns to form a special assessment district in a designated area to restore and promote business activity. Once established the BID could then seek funding from State and County grants designated for downtown revitalization without burdening local taxpayers.

The success of Business Improvement Districts can be seen all over Long Island and Kings Park and the other hamlets of Smithtown can reap the benefits of such a plan. The economic vitality of our main streets adds to our overall quality of life as well as generates significant tax revenues for the Town. Additionally, Town officials should ensure that Town departments expedite permits to enable businesses to flourish.

Smithtown needs public officials with the vision, vitality and desire to not only support such a plan, but also work ferverently to ensure its realization. I pledge to be that person.