July 29th Update

The Phase 1 of the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the former Kings Park Psychiatric Center is almost complete.The main objectives of the Phase 1 ESA is to recognize environmental conditions (RECs) that may affect the environmental integrity of the site. Phase 1 includes, but is not limited to, review of all available documents and studies regarding the property. The Phase 1 Study identifies suspected contaminants and the Phase 2 Study, which will begin in the next week or two, will include the physical testing stage on the property.

See "Important Documents" on home page for Summary of RECs.


Demolition Plan... Building # 82 (the morgue) has been added to the previous list of 14 structures that are presently scheduled for demolition


Marina Renovation... See "Important Documents" on home page for Marina Improvements Site Plan.. Dredging of the Marina area is to begin this fall. The Marina will operate the same during the 2010/2011 season and renovations should commence thereafter.


York Hall Analysis Study... The State will conduct a study analysis of York Hall to determine the amount of money needed to renovate, restore and make this building useful. The cost of the study is $242,000 dollars. This money will come out of the 29 million secured by Senator Flanagan. Please note that the State made clear that this is just an analysis and no decisions have been made as to renovating this building.


A Pavilion (16x20) will be installed next to the playground on the north side of the park.


Sewer Expansion Update... State Parks has notified Suffolk County that the Nissequogue River State Park is no place for a recharge basin and made it clear that a park cannot be looked at for such use unless there are no possible viable alternatives.

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