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Our Mission

Kings Park Neighbor's Association is a unique grass roots organization made up of Kings Park
and neighboring community residents who are dedicated to the following goals:

• Protecting and enhancing the quality of life in our community;
• Promoting the health, safety and welfare of our community;
• Providing a forum to disseminate information to our members;
• Promoting a cohesive community of residents, businesses and institutions.

Our People


President - Linda Henninger, Esq.
Vice President - Seth Glazer
Treasurer - Marjie Ottaviano
Secretary - Nancy Wohlberg

Board of Directors

Lori Carragher
Kathy Glazer
Gary Wohlberg, M.D.
Leslie Zindulka, SSWS, LCSW-R

Stuff About Our People

• Putting it in park -
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• Times of Smithtown recognizes Linda Henninger as Civic of the year 2006 -
CLICK HERE to read news article.

• League of Woman Voters Honors Linda Henninger For Civic Activism 2006 -
CLICK HERE to read news article.

• Linda Henninger accepts a position on the Land Preservation Advisory Group (LPAG).

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